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COVID-19 School Closure

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Schools across the country are shuttered. Millions of students are home, trying to slow the spread of coronavirus.

It’s Day 2 of at state-mandated school closure that Gov. Kate Brown extended Tuesday until April 28th. 

Many students were sent home with homework or are receiving assignments through digital platforms, but now the challenge shifts to keeping students connected and engaged.

Ginny Ann Fillmore of Bend is a grandmother to Rosalie, a kindergartner, and Christian, a preschooler.

She is making them do homework, interspersed with lots of playtime.

Winner of Bend Sage Award

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The People’s Choice is chosen by the community!  All SAGE Business Award nominees are entered into the People’s Choice Award Category. Using any tactics available, businesses engage with customers and clients to vote online for the best of the best.  The business with the most votes from the community wins!  And by a landslide, Redmond Proficiency Academy received the most votes we have ever received for the SAGE Business Awards! Congratulations, RPA, SAGE People’s Choice Award recipient!

EDTA Award

JB Wins.jpg

Executive Director Jon Bullock at Redmond Proficiency Academy, home to Thespian Troupe 7715, has fostered the growth of the school’s theatre department. After the program lost its previous location, Dr. Bullock secured and renovated a space for performance. He provides recognition, boasts about school theatre, and maintains contact with current Thespians. Dr. Bullock demonstrates support by attending every show with a regular seat in the school’s tech booth and has written two one-act plays for the school’s student-directed, staff-written class. Dr. Bullock also serves on the local city council and has assisted in grass-roots advocacy connections.

Torcom Talk

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Today we have the man that is bringing the younger generations education to new feats, Jon Bullock. He is the executive Director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy. Taking this school from 30 students to 900 and continuing to grow till this day. Expanding the infrastructure, and children's minds. His philosophies on how teaching should be done are fascinating. I hope it will inspire you to care more for education and the future of this world. There are many takeaways that business owners from all flocks of life can learn from this. Enjoy! 

KBND - Appointed to City Council

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REDMOND, OR -- Redmond's newest City Councilor is a familiar face around town. Tuesday night, City Councilors approved the appointment of Jon Bullock to the vacant seat created by the August resignation of Anne Graham. The appointment is effective immediately. 

Our Towns/Atlantic

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Jon Bullock was the principal of Redmond High School, in Redmond, Oregon, when he sat down at his kitchen table with colleagues eight years ago to hatch the beginning of an idea for what would become Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA).

Day Without Hate

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Hate free. One love. The hate doesn’t help. We care about you. You are special. Don’t hate me, marry me. Show the love and stop the hate.

Those were the words on signs carried by more than 1,500 students marching through downtown Klamath Falls Friday. About 700 students from Klamath Union High School, 630 students from Ponderosa Middle School and 200 students from EagleRidge High School filled the streets for the Day Without Hate on Sept. 11.

The Best You - Mentoring Article

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.38.46 PM.png

Jon Bullock is executive director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a school that he founded. A lifelong mentor, here he shares his insights into how to nurture a child’s potential

YEBW Speaker


From CEOs of publicly-traded companies to founders of startups, YEBW speakers are accomplished entrepreneurs and company executives who want to inspire students with their experience and insight. Throughout the week, students benefit from engaging, interactive presentations that promote discussions on business vision, leadership, professional development and product ideation.

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