Education on the Rocks Podcast

For years, the American public and politicians have decried the state of education in the United States. Endless reform efforts and enhanced accountability measures have stressed our public education system to the breaking point. Each week, over a glass of whiskey, our hosts tackle the education topics of the day and discuss issues that have long plagued education. This is Education on the Rocks.

Jon Bullock Speaks

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Jon Bullock is a Professional Speaker in Redmond and Bend, Oregon and beyond.  Jon is currently the Executive Director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a public charter school that he co-founded. He has been involved in countless layers of leadership development and youth empowerment. He has three podcasts on this site including, Education on the Rocks, What's Happening Redmond, and What's In Your Bag? You can listen online or subscribe. Jon has earned acclaim for his TEDx talk.